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Custom synthesis .
R&D center has several teams led by 4 Ph. Doctors to ensure intellectual support to organic synthesis. The lab was equipped with 20 sets of fume hoods (incl. 6 walk in). We have especially Hydrogenation equipment: 3L and 5Liter lab scale to 350L and 4 X 2000 Liter, and other regular reactions available. We also have close relationship and joint projects with Universities. Scale up and GMP certified manufacturing facilities can meet strict quality requirements and audit criteria. 

1. Customer provides us their own synthesis route in which all details (solvents, temperatures, reaction times, analytical data, purification methods, yields, etc.) are included. Price will be more lower, timelines is more shorter according to more product information given.

2. The needed product name or structure no technique information which client send us, we review carefully and reply our customer within 24-48hours for delivery time and price, the qualified products we can provide success rate is more than 96%, if the product is not obtained, there will of course be no charge.

Strict quality control with HPLC, GC, Mass, Melting Point Meter, NMR (out sourced) and other regular analysis instruments, as well as SOP working standards 
Reasonable Price to reduce your cost with assured quality 
Rapid Response and Timely Delivery
Sign Confidential Agreement to protect your new compounds
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